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Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (JULPHAR) / United Arab Emirates The capital of this Company is AED One Billion, equivalent to KWD 79.7 million. ACDIMA owns 9.15% in JULPHAR’s capital. In 2014, JULPHAR’s sales amounted to AED 1.44 billion, with 5.9% increase as compared to the previous year, 2013. JULPHAR generated profits amounting to AED 233.7 million […]

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ACDIMA BioCenter

ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies/ The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies was established in 2000 as a center that conducts bioavailability, bioequivalence, clinical, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutical studies, as well as chemical analyses of biological samples. The financial outcomes indicate that the Center has generated a net profit […]

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Arab Company for Antibiotics Industry (ACAI)/ Republic of Iraq ACDIMA owns 25.66% of the authorized capital and 34.06% of the paid-up capital of this company, estimated at IQD 30,000,000 (based on the exchange rate of the Iraqi currency (Dinar) in the establishment year: IQD 1 = USD 3,224). In 2014, ACAI’s sales amounted to IQD […]

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Société Arabe Des Industries Pharmaceutiques (SAIPH)/ Republic of Tunisia ACDIMA owns 35.988% in the capital of SAIPH, estimated at TND 35,470,000, equivalent to KWD 6,269,692.

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CAD Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Company was established in 2006 with a capital of SAR 73,000,000, equivalent to KWD 5,496,900. ACDIMA owns 25% in the capital of this Company, equivalent to KWD 2,768,900. The financial statements showed that the project generated losses in the financial year 2014 with the amount […]

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The Arab Company for Veterinary Medicine Production (ACVMP)/ Sudan The capital of this Company is USD 33,000,000, equivalent to KWD 9,669,000. ACDIMA owns 40% of ACVMP capital, together with other shareholders. The losses of the Company in 2014 amounted to USD 326 thousand, equivalent to KWD 95,518. The Company was registered in 2006. The board […]

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Arab Company for Pharmaceutical Products (ARABIO)/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ARABIO was founded in 2007 with a capital of SAR 186,000,000, equivalent to KWD 14,508,000. ACDIMA owns 31.38% in the capital of this Company. ARABIO sales in 2014 amounted to SAR 211.7 million, with an increment at 425% as compared to the previous year. The […]

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Tassili Arab Pharmaceutical Company (TAPHCO)/ Algeria This Company was established in the year 2000 with a capital of DZD 1,083,482,400. ACDIMA owns 28.98% in its capital, as equivalent to KWD1.04 million. Losses of the Company in 2014 amounted to DZD 25.2 million, equivalent to KWD 83,000. The trial production of this Company is set to […]

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