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In the framework of Joint Arab action and in order to encourage the pharmaceutical industry, the Economic Unity Arab Council has adopted a decision on 6/3/1976 to establish an Arab institution that is capable of promoting this industry, which is the Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances "ACDIMA", with a capital of (60) million Kuwaiti Dinars, that has been raised by the approval of the Extraordinary General Assembly held in Amman - Jordan on 10/10/2013 to (90) million Kuwaiti Dinars according to Riyadh Declaration for 2013, which approved the increase of the capital of joint Arab companies by at least 50%..

Chairman’s Letter

I am pleased to welcome you to the Arab Company For Drug Industries And Medical Appliances (ACDIMA) Company’s website, which was launched as part of our constant endeavor to achieve excellence in services and leadership in performance. Our firm's commitment to continuous development in various aspects of its institutional work aligned with its strategic plan.
The company's website has been designed per the best practices and internationally recognized standards, focusing on the quality of content and design, ease of access to the content of the website and its information, and adherence to international standards in the design and development of the electronic content. It puts all information and services easily in the hands of site surfers, including following up on company’s news and latest services and activities.
The content and design of the website also reflects the latest developments that have occurred recently regarding the tasks and efforts undertaken by the company, especially its efforts related to its new investment programs related to the drug  sector and related industries, in addition to the most important achievements, financial reports, aspirations and future projects that the company is working to implement in the framework of its vision, mission and strategic objectives.
The website is part of the digitalization system that the company adopts to be supportive of all its services to all visitors, and just as we were keen on the website’s look and feel, we also made sure that your opinions and comments are a major part of the site because our goal is to "Please our stakeholders".
May Allah help us all to serve our leading company.

Mr. Adil Kareem

Chairman of the Board

Governorates of Iraq

General Manager

“Since its foundation, ACDIMA plays a vital role in translating the cooperative model between different countries. We transform the vision into reality with strong determination and faithful thrill; and with insightful strategic mindsets we seize opportunities to reform the shape and anchor on new shores.”

“Leading the race and ever striving to extend the boundaries are the obsessive mission of successful corporates. We believe in the power of knowledge and the synergism of partnerships. Developing our skilled workforce leverages our position in the marketplace.”

“We’ll keep the pledge and ramp up the efforts for revolutionary growth.”

Mohammad Khalil, RPh, PhD

Director General

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

ACDIMA in Brief

Arab Company for Drug Industries & Medical Appliances.

A Pan-Arab shareholding company established by a resolution from the Arab Economic Unity Council on March 6, 1976.Authorized Capital is: Kuwaiti Dinar (90) million.

The largest Drug Industry and medical appliances in the Arab World.

Objectives of the Company


ACDIMA sets up a strategy for the drug industries and medical appliances, conducts the feasibility and technical studies for the projects to be established in the Arab World, subscribes along with the Arab governments and other parties in these projects.


ACDIMA builds relations with multinational bodies to assist in setting up and participating in projects in the Arab World. It also concentrates on the field of training to create and develop competent personnel for the drug industries and medical appliances.

In the field of Research:

  •  Conduct needed scientific studies and research in order to develop and enhance what is already existing.
  • Follow up on the developments in the drugs and medicine community to benefit from and circulate.
  • conduct clinical, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies to evaluate and enhance new drugs.


  • Import commodities, intermediates and means of production related to the company's business.
  • Marketing of the company, and the companies emerging from it in the Arab countries and exporting any surplus.Trademarks Ownership and registration of the company's products and achievements.
  • Providing transport means, storage facilities and auxiliary services.


Ensuring optimal returns from investments that drive growth in the drug  sector in the Arab World 


To become the investment partner of choice for drug  in the Arab World

ACDIMA is a Share Holder in the following countries:

Board of Directors and Executive Management

Chairman of Board of Directors

His Exellency Adel Kareem

Chairman of Board of Directors

Republic of Iraq
His Exellency Adel Kareem
    • Chairman of The Arab Company for Drug Industries & Medical Appliances.
    • Representative of the Republic of Iraq

Dr. Hammodi Abbas Hameed

Member of the Board

Republic of Iraq

Dr. Mohamed Ghanem

Vice Chairman of Board of Directors

State of Qatar

Mr. Khalid Al Rabea

Member of the Board 

kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jafaly

Member of the Board

kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Eng. Abdulhamid Al-Bakush

 Member of the Board Libyan Foreign Investment Co.

State of Libya

Dr. Msaed El-Rezooqy

 Member of the Board 

State of Kuwait

Mr's .Rania Khadir Ahmad

Member of the Board 

Republic of Syria

Dr. Mohammad Khalil Mohammad

 Director General


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


2013 - Present

 ACDIMA has increased its share in many important companies.


The capital has been increased by 50% to reach 90 million.


ACDIMA owns 25% from CAD company 


ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies was established


ACDIMA for Veterinary Medicines Industry “ACDIVET” was established


ACDIMA own 83% from saif Company 


ACDIMA owns  20% from Spimaco company 


ACDIMA owns 9% from Julphar Company 


ACDIMA owns 30% from ACAI company 


 ِACDIMA has contributed to many important companies in the Arab world


A Pan-Arab shareholding company established by a resolution from the Arab Economic Unity Council on March 6, 1976,Authorized Capital is: Kuwaiti Dinar (90) million.