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Arab company for antibiotics Industries


Arab Company for Antibiotics Industry

ACAI was established in 1982 as an Arab joint stock company. ACAI opened its factory in 1997 and produces antibiotic in its diffrent  forms according to the latest specifications of good pharmaceutical manufacturing. ACAI products have earned a good reputation in Iraq and its products have been registered in a number of Arab countries. The company is following the developments in the antibiotic industry and working on the manufacture of new varieties, in line with the global production and in order to qualify for the entry of international markets in the future. The company’s capital is nearly Iraqi Dinars 87.5 billion, of which ACDIMA owns 34.06%.


ACAI was established in the year 1982


Started Manufacturing Activities


ISO 9001

The Company's products and production capacity

Produce Sterile injectable
Capsules of Betalactam Antibiotics
Producing Antibiotics
Dry suspension

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