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Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (JULPHAR) / United Arab Emirates

The capital of this Company is AED One Billion, equivalent to KWD 79.7 million. ACDIMA owns 9.15% in JULPHAR’s capital. In 2014, JULPHAR’s sales amounted to AED 1.44 billion, with 5.9% increase as compared to the previous year, 2013. JULPHAR generated profits amounting to AED 233.7 million in 2014, equivalent to KWD 18.6 million; at 2.5% increase as compared to the previous financial year 2013. JULPHAR is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in the Middle East. Its registered products exceed 3,600 products in more than 50 Countries. Moreover, a new factory for JULPHAR was inaugurated in Ethiopia. This step reflects the ambitious expansion plans of the Company in the emerging markets. Two factories were also set up in Algeria and Saudi Arabia. The achievements of the Company include setting up a factory for the materials used in manufacturing insulin, at a cost of about USD 180 Million. This project will enable United Arab Emirates to be one of the top producers of insulin in the world, with a production capacity of 40 million containers a year. The Company has been engaged in manufacturing medical equipment.